Cutting Through the Noise

breaking into Bookbub

In 2015, the Huffingpost proclaimed "It Isn't Amazon Publishers Should Fear. It's Bookbub." And while other social media-based recommendation services, such as Amazon's Goodreads, are also making a huge impact in the publishing industry, Bookbub's influence on the marketplace remains undeniable.

The advertising service curates a recommended reading list of discounted/free titles for its members based on an ever-changing collection of books that have passed its restrictive intake process.  And that selectivity is the key to maintaining the trust of Bookbub's membership. The question is, how can an author break through the noise to get onto this promotion platform? And is doing so actually worth the price of admission?

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Agenting From North of the Border

An Interview with Canadian Agent Lydia Moëd

A few weeks back, I expanded my search criteria in to include agents outside of New York. "Location" was a filter that I'd applied when I first discovered this great agent-finding tool, and I'd just left it in place since then... but it finally occurred to me that I was likely doing myself a disservice by arbitrarily dismissing all the great agents in other cities.  I mean, with the ease of working electronically nowadays, did I really think that pounding the pavement was still a cornerstone of literary representation?

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Eric Smith: Agent, Author & Geek Whisperer

An Interview with Agent & Author Eric Smith

Eric Smith is an associate literary agent at P.S. Literary, with a love for young adult books, sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction. He began his publishing career at Quirk Books in Philadelphia, working social media and marketing on numerous books he absolutely adored. Eric completed his BA in English at Kean University and his MA in English at Arcadia University. A frequent blogger, his ramblings about books appear on BookRiot, The Huffington Post, and more.

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The Path Less Taken...
Non-Linear Ways To Get From A to B

Q&A with Non-Linear Designer, Ryan Fitzgerald

We all crave stories. The art of storytelling is one of humanity's oldest traditions. From paintings in caves and hieroglyphs on papyrus scrolls to the invention of the printing press and the advent of the internet... What's evolved over time isn't necessarily the narrative itself, but the sophistication of the platform used to share that narrative and immerse ourselves in it.

Ryan Fitzgerald works as Lead Designer / Lead Narrative for Evodant Interactive, a group of "transmedia artisans that are fanatical about revolutionizing the interactive experience." And his job takes "writing" to a whole other level.

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Small Press Benefits

Q&A with Publisher Promontory Press

A few weeks back, when I interviewed Bennett R Coles at the release of Ghosts of War (his latest release with Titan Books), I was fascinated to learn that in addition to being an award-winning author, Ben was also Publisher/CEO at Promontory Press, a small press publishing house run out of Victoria, Canada.  As Ben describes it, Promontory is a traditional publisher which isn’t afraid to break a few traditions.  The publishing industry as a whole has more than a few quirksmany of which are disadvantageous to the authorand as an author himself, Ben's intention was to try to make Promontory more author-friendly, particularly to new authors.

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