A View From Both Sides Of The Fence

Advice from Sci-Fi Author Bennett R Coles

Recently, an email caught my eye from the depths of my Junk Mail folder.  As it turned out, a dear college friend of mine, Bennett R. Coles, had mentored under author Mary Rosenblum (as I had), and when Mary referenced the interview I'd done with her in one of her recent newsletters, Ben had connected the dots, figuring out that we knew each other, and reached out to me.  And as it turns out, he's now an award-winning sci-fi author who's experienced both the self-publishing side of things and the traditional publishing route as well.

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What Will Agents Find When They Google You? Have You Checked?

Advise from Author & Editor, Mary Rosenblum

Earlier this week, when I received the email from an agent asking for more of my manuscript, I sent a message to Mary Rosenblum to pass along the good news.  Mary, an accomplished author who offers professional editing and other author services at the New Writers Interface, has been associated with my book since I first pitched her the idea for it, back in February 2012.  For the past several years, Mary has mentored me in all things writing and marketing.  So it’s only fitting that her reply to my news was a helping of “congratulations” with a generous side order of "What are you doing right now to promote your world and your writing?".

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A Self-Publishing Success Story

Advice from Sci-Fi Author Eric Thomson

One of my good friends is also a writer.  He uses the pen name Eric Thomson and he has come to a fair degree of success with self-publishing — to the point where this past Spring he was able to live the dream and retire early to focus on writing as his full-time career. His example has been a strong siren song for me where self-publishing is concerned, but I suspected there were some aspects of his path to publication that were somewhat unique and I wasn't sure how well his experiences would relate to my situation.  So, as part of my "to self-publish, or not to self-publish" debate, I sat down with Eric (virtually) for an interview on the topic.

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