T-14 days until Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens!!! (Let's eat cake!)

T-14 days until The Force Awakens!

When I was five, I went to the the movie theater for the first time.  And while other girls my age might have chosen lighter fare, I went to see The Empire Strikes Back.  

This wasn't my first exposure to Sci Fi by any means.  My favorite undershirt at the time had Buck Rogers on the front and every week I'd curl up with my Dad on the couch to watch Buck, and his robotic sidekick Twiki, defeat the evil Princess Ardala.  

I loved nothing more than a starship captained by a swashbuckling lead, quirky androids, alien races, and some lazer-based weaponry... so Star Wars was exactly in my little five-year-old tomboy wheelhouse.

Fastforward to just over a year ago (on 28 Nov 2014) when that first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens was released (  

You'd think I would have been beside myself with anticipation but, surprisingly, I didn't quite know whether to be excited for the new movies or not.  I was petrified the new movies would disappoint me.  Visions (and awful, awful sound clips) of Jar Jar Binks haunted my memory and I avoided watching the trailer online for a few days.

Eventually, my curiosity won out.  I put the kids to bed, sat tentatively in front of the computer and clicked play.

The clips of the little BB-8 droid at 0:30 gave my nerves a shot, but he passed the "not-an-idiotic-form-of-comic-relief" test and I calmed down.  The familiar desert setting and the glimpse of Rey at 0:38 were promising and we had storm troopers, X-wings, light sabers... all was going excitingly well!  

Then I hit the one-minute mark.  

I shrieked - loudly, in fact.  I flailed my arms like a drunken Kermit the Frog. My eyes teared up and I sat staring at the screen in rapture for the eight seconds that the Millenium Falcon swooped by in a glorious arc, with condensation trails pouring off her, to the accompaniment of John Williams' brilliant theme.

I love that "hunk of junk" and I watched those 8 seconds over and over and over again.  

And now, to celebrate the coming of what is perhaps the most anticipated movie in recent history, I bring you five of my all-time favorite Star Wars themed cakes!!!  

(Feel free to hum your own John-Williams-esque fanfare, if you like.) 

#5) Han Solo in Carbonite Groom's Cake  (  Best part?  "I Love You... I Know" = Perfection.

Han Solo In Carbonite Cake

#4) Death Star Birthday Cake ( That's no moon!   I love, love, love the multitude of tiny details in this one.

Death Star Cake

#3) R2-D2 Groom's Cake (  Who could resist this guy?  My favorite with this one was the choice of adding that bow tie detail. Genius! :)

R2-D2 Groom's Cake

#2) AT-AT Birthday Cake ( This thing is just makes me happy. The fact that it can stand and is so perfectly shaped is beyond awesome!  

AT-AT Cake

#1) Millenium Falcon Groom's Cake (  You may prefer to actually mute the linked video if you watch it, as the cake designer repeatedly refers to the ship as the "Starship Millenium" but I can't dispute the guy's dedication to rendering the best Star Wars cake I've seen to date.  He claims to have based the dimensions off of the actual blueprints so the cake is essentially an edible scale model!

Millenium Falcon Cake

T-14 days and counting... (impatiently).



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