Happy New Year!

The Waiting Game...

Last night, I sent my first submission package to a New York agent. (NOTE: That sentence really should have about ten exclamation points from my perspective, but I’m trying to project an air of measured professionalism here.)

I've done my research and I fully recognize that sending an unsolicited query into the slush pile of an agent in NO way guarantees me any type of beneficial outcome. But 2015 was the year that I finished writing the book, and after revising, and seeking feedback and revising some more, this submission - sent on New Year's Eve - is the icing on that cake.  

And now that the submission has actually been sent: I’m terrified… and excited… and proud.  (But honestly, when I think about it in any kind of detail, it's mostly just the "terrified" bit that takes over.)

It’s hard not to be hopeful too, particularly when I’m so happy with the book itself. But I'm afraid to set my expectations too high. Because despite the reassurances of friends, family, and first readers who say "they'll love it," the reality is that it’s disappointingly normal to send out countless queries before finding a good fit for your book. So, if it comes down to it, I've got patience, perseverance, and a lengthy list of agents that are accepting sci-fi submissions.  

But for now, my sights are fixed on the individual at the top of my list. Looking over that agent's website, his tone and style give the impression that he's genuinely interested in working with strong, new authors. So my fingers (and toes) are very much crossed on this one.   

His email submission guidelines state that if I don't receive a reply within 14 days then he's not interested… Given that today is a holiday, I’ll be generous (read: paranoid) and not-so-patiently wait until the 15th (or the 21st...) before I convince myself to move on to the next option on my list. And in the meanwhile, I'll try and maintain somewhat of a hesitantly-positive outlook, while also somehow steeling myself for the more probable outcome of a rejection letter (or the utter lack of a response altogether).  

So far, in the scant four hours since I sent in the submission, that's proving to be a hard balancing act to pull off.

Two weeks seems like an eternity right now, and I foresee a lot of obsessive junk-mail-folder-checking in my future...  

Here's to 2016... whatever it may bring!

One Eternity Later...



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three Responses to "Happy New Year!"

  1. Yvette
    Yvette on 01-01-’16 08:28

    What a great way to end off the year! I’m so excited for you, and so proud of you for seeing this through. No matter the outcome, you’ve got a great book and this is just the beginning.

  2. Jeff
    Jeff on 01-01-’16 10:22

    Great job! Definitely a nervous time, now. But be strong, patient, and resilient, and before you know it you’ll be making a my-book-is-going-to-be-published post! Can’t wait to read the final product!

  3. Eric Thomson
    Eric Thomson on 03-01-’16 14:34

    I’m rooting for you!

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