Rule #1: Authors' names are cool… And when they’re not, they invent new ones

Want to know my secret identity?

Have you ever noticed that there are some authors out there with some pretty kick-ass names? Like Robert J. Sawyer… I mean that just SCREAMS “author” to me. Not sure if it’s the use of the middle initial or the overall cadence but that’s just pure author-name-bliss really.

I, on the other hand, was blessed with the name Angie Lee Ripley and let me point out to you (on the off-chance you hadn’t already noticed) that all three of my names rhyme in a tragic, sing-songy, kindergarten kind of way. The individual names themselves all have a great story behind them (suffice it to say it involves the Rolling Stones, an uncle and a castle in England) but that triple-rhyme combo thing just isn’t selling it for me and it’s not really something I want to see scrawled across the top of my first novel.

So, bring on the nom de plume! <Insert triumphant fanfare here>

I want to go with something that is still recognizable as “me” in the end, because I’m vain enough to want everyone to know it was ME that got published. And frankly, I’ve got some killer building blocks to start with… I mean when you’re an aspiring Science Fiction author how can you go wrong with a last name like RIPLEY? Whoop! Whoop!

Add to that the androgynous and oh-so-overused trend of initializing the first name and suddenly we have a blammin’ pen name: A. Lee Ripley. And while I may be a tad biased about its sheer raw awesomeness, you are hereby invited to leave me securely within the boundaries of that illusion.

Mock-up of a Sci Fi Novel with author's pen name.



Authors Tell Lies For a Living

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four Responses to "Rule #1: Authors' names are cool… And when they’re not, they invent new ones"

  1. Gordo
    Gordo on 27-11-’12 07:18

    I get the advantage of living with this aspiring author. As a result I get asked for my thoughts and opinions on different things – though precious few make into those hallowed pages. I often get asked for technical information in various areas and many of those are used. But the major advantage is this: I get first read of each chapter as it’s written. :P

  2. Jeff
    Jeff on 28-11-’12 19:28

    Hi! Great blog! I’m looking forward to more content. The pen name you’ve selected definitely captures the “cool author name” vibe you’re going for. Cool looking cover, as well.

    For all of us interested in literature (both its consumption and its creation), it will be very interesting to see your journey progress. Perhaps we can gain some valuable insight into the industry, and pick up a tip or two along the way!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Jenn A
    Jenn A on 02-12-’12 06:17

    I concur. Very cool. Although I always liked that your name started with a truly cool Stones tune!! Good luck. Can’t wait to read your product.

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    diablo 3 gold on 29-01-’13 11:16

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