Glass Half-Full

Peg-Legs & Exoskeletons

I had big plans for my recent trip to Ottawa, including visiting family and friends, paddle boarding, water parks, white water rafting, paintballing, trapezing and indoor skydiving. On night #1 of my vacation, we went to a local circus/parkour gym and being a fan of American Ninja Warrior, I was determined to get up one of their beginner walls.

The wall (and my left Achilles) had other plans.  An American Ninja Warrior I am NOT (apparently).  [Shh, don't tell anyone.]

Han Solo Approved iWALK crutchI earned myself a night in the hospital, a cast, and strict orders to not put any weight on my left leg for the foreseeable future.

I came to the RAPID conclusion that the regular crutches I was using were far worse than the actual injury itself, so I picked me up an immensely cool hands-free crutch that is one part prosthetic leg, one part exoskeleton, and all parts awesome. In fact, it's Han Solo approved. And it makes me look like a pirate from the front... so I've got that going for me now.  :)  

Interestingly, my first thought after I hurt my leg and realized I'd be out of commission for a while, was "at least I'll have an excuse to do more writing."  I guess I'm just a glass-half-full kinda gal.

Obviously, our vacation plans had to change but we made the best of it. We still went to the water park (Calypso Water Park, if you're even in Ottawa in the summertime, it is absolutely worth your while). And this time I had the perfect excuse to splurge and rent one of their Cabanas by their lazy river attraction. It was fantastic! I got to sit in the shade writing on my laptop all day (with a mini fridge nearby) while the kids had a blast with their friends. 

Now that we're back home, I've put the crutch through its paces and it's held up quite nicely. I've walked the dog in the rain with an umbrella, I've been up and down the three flights of stairs in my house countless times, and I've even mowed the lawn (which I'm sure was a sight to behold).  

I count myself as pretty lucky overall. I have to say I feel pretty bad ass in this thing. All I need are some hydraulic sound effects. Maybe I'll change my cosplay plans for this year's Hal-Con convention, given that the tenth doctor doesn't normally have a peg leg... I'd make a damn cute pirate, though - or maybe I'll go full-on exoskeleton and dress up as my namesake.

Ellen Ripley's Exoskeleton and my iWALK Crutch.  Twinsies!



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two Responses to "Glass Half-Full"

  1. Pearl R Meaker
    Pearl R Meaker on 23-08-’16 04:48

    You look great!
    I have one of the characters in my book The Devil’s Flood getting and using a hands free crutch. If I even have the need, I want one instead of using old style crutches.
    Hope they can get your injury fixed up in good time. :-)

  2. A. Lee Ripley
    A. Lee Ripley on 14-12-’16 00:02

    Thanks, Pearl!

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