My Galaxy Mug & a Good Book

#amquerying update

I recently received a reply to the partial manuscript request I'd sent in last July. I'd gotten to the point where a gentle nudge seemed appropriate as the agent had re-opened to queries again after several months of being closed to submissions while she cleaned out her backlog. To me, that implied that she felt she'd replied to everything she had in her inbox. So I sent her a polite message, asking whether anyone who hadn't yet heard back from her should consider the lack of response as a "no thank you." She answered right away and asked me to resubmit in case my manuscript (or her answer back to me) had fallen through the cyber cracks.

She replied to the re-submission the next day and, while it was ultimately a "no thank you," I count her response as another checkpoint passed. It included some really nice compliments, personalized and specific feedback, and a note that she'd love to see any future work from me.

In the hierarchy of rejections, that's pretty high up in my books. I was in a bizarre state of giddy/sad, for the rest of the day: grateful for the validation her email had provided, disappointed about the "pass," and pensive about the feedback she'd given (figuring out what/how/whether to act on what she'd said).  

Overall, I'm taking this as permission to jump back into the swing of things in terms of querying other agents. I'd held off on doing so until now, as I was essentially using my wait on this response as an excuse to procrastinate. 

If nothing else, I've been freed of the burden of that particular excuse. :)

So, back at it!!!  But first, it's time for a bit of self-care: browsing the #pitchmadness twitter feed, reading a new book by one of my favorite authors, and a café mocha with marshmallows and a dash of peppermint extract in my hand-painted galaxy mug.  

#metime (hot chocolate in a galaxy mug and Kim Harrison's the Turn novel)



four Responses to "My Galaxy Mug & a Good Book"

  1. Eric Thomson
    Eric Thomson on 07-03-’17 22:53

    The dark side still awaits. And sometimes, external validation comes out of nowhere…

  2. A Lee Ripley
    A Lee Ripley on 08-03-’17 07:51

    Seems I’ve heard that from somewhere before! ha ha! I saw a post yesterday that read “Success = Consistency”… and I think it’s fair to say that you exemplify that more than anyone I know!!! :)

  3. Leonora Frenette
    Leonora Frenette on 08-03-’17 21:17

    Definitely keep submitting. I remember, too, how sad and sweet it felt to get some rejection letters full of praise. One eye was crying, the other smiling. One thing I want to pass on is this: our city’s previous Poet Laureate sent his first poetry book to guess how many places, before it was published? (Think a number.) I bet you came in way under 1000. And even then, it was his university professor’s recommendation to a publisher that got it into print. I do hope you will see your book before the 100th try!

  4. A Lee Ripley
    A Lee Ripley on 09-03-’17 21:33

    Thanks, Leonora!!! I’m not sure I have the stamina for 1000 (or 999) rejections. ;)

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