The Hook for the Book

Eve Unknown... the blurb

For me, the "blurb" at the back of a book is what makes or breaks a purchase when I'm considering a new author. It's essentially a marketing pitch and if that little description can hook me, I'm in.

I've had the blurb roughed out for my book since before Chapters 5 was written but I didn't feel like I'd "earned" the right to post it anywhere publically until the first draft was completed.  But now that I'm onto the revision side of things, it feels like the perfect time to dust those 164 words off and throw them up for the world to see.

Raring to go, I raced over to my Facebook page and was about to hit "Post", when it dawned on me that I needed a graphic to make things pop.  So two sleep deprived nights (and $100+ in stock photos) later, I have a cover design! 

I realize this graphic may ultimately serve no purpose other than to grace this post and make me happy.  But hey, I still think it was worth it.  A cover just makes it seem all the more "legit" to me - and I'll bask in every ounce of credibility I can find for this project.

Since the font used for the blurb in the graphic is fairly small, I'll type out the text here as well.  Enjoy!  And feel free to use the :: SUBSCRIPTION :: option at the top-right of this page if this book seems like something you'd be interested in reading when it comes out. 

Eve Slate has been serving a life sentence since her last death, twenty-seven years ago. In a society where humanity has evolved to remember its past lives at each successive birth, Eve has paid the ultimate price for her sins: her memories have been erased, her belongings seized, and her previous identity executed.

Branded as a second-class citizen with no past and no service name, Eve has had to work hard to forge a new doctrine-abiding life for herself. But at a gala event, hosted by those responsible for the mind-purging technology used against her, Eve is unwittingly pulled into a world of politics, power, and deception. Hunted by the Ministry and haunted by violent flashbacks that shouldn't exist, Eve is torn between seeking answers about her past lives, and a growing fear of reverting to a life of violent crime if she remembers too much.

As the authorities close in, Eve must fight to keep those around her safe before the Ministry finds her, eradicates her memories, and kills her all over again.

Dust Cover of the novel Eve Unknown



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three Responses to "The Hook for the Book"

  1. Eric B
    Eric B on 19-09-’15 11:22

    Looks interesting! Looking forward to reading this.

  2. muriel
    muriel on 19-09-’15 16:35

    You’ve peaked my interest.. can’t wait to read it :) Congrats !!!

  3. Gretchen
    Gretchen on 08-07-’17 05:29

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