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  • Cutting Through the Noise
    In 2015,  the Huffingpost  proclaimed " It Isn't Amazon Publishers Should Fear. It's Bookbub. " And while other social media-based recommendation services, such as Amazon'
  • The Voices In Our Heads
    I received a great piece of advice a few weeks back from author/publisher  Bennett R Coles . I'd been debating whether the tone of my writing was too youthful/snarky and I
  • How to Make a Wrap Around Book Cover
    Last week, while I was browsing my Facebook feed, a saw an author's post in a forum that included a picture of her latest book.  She had taken the front cover of her book
  • A Self-Publishing Success Story
    One of my good friends is also a writer.  He uses the pen name Eric Thomson and he has come to a fair degree of success with self-publishing  — to the point where this pas

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