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  • Eric Smith: Agent, Author & Geek Whisperer
    Eric Smith is an associate literary agent at P.S. Literary , with a love for young adult books, sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction. He began his publishing career at Qu
  • The Voices In Our Heads
    I received a great piece of advice a few weeks back from author/publisher  Bennett R Coles . I'd been debating whether the tone of my writing was too youthful/snarky and I
  • Competition & Critiques
    Competition is fairly mainstream in the writing world.  There are Twitter event contests every few months and what could possibly be more competitive than the dreaded slus
  • Twitter Pitch Events
    Summarizing a novel into a 2-page synopsis is hard enough, but can you craft an eye-catching pitch in 140 characters or less?  There are numerous Twitter pitching events o
  • Choosing a Title
    The first thing a potential agent will notice about your email submission is the subject line, which will often read: Query .  I would hope that most agents will, in fact,
  • First Impressions
    Querying wasn’t going so well for me and it was time to take off the rose-colored glasses to figure out exactly why.  The majority of agents out there seemed to be looking
  • Querying Truths (Brace Yourself)
    In a great article describing the  different types of editors in traditional publishing , Andi Marquette wrote: Most often, an [acquiring editor, or AE] can tell within a
  • Things I Learned AFTER I Hit "Send"
    (Part Two: QueryTracker.net!!!!)

    When I'm depressed about something, the "production" side of my personality goes into a coma and my "consumption" side takes over.  And by consumption and I don't just mea
  • Things I Learned AFTER I Hit "Send"
    (Part One: MS Outlook hates you)

    So it’s been three weeks since I sent my first submission to an agent for consideration – and (somewhat predictably) it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.  First off: no,
  • Happy New Year!
    Last night, I sent my first submission package to a New York agent. (NOTE: That sentence really should have about ten exclamation points from my perspective, but I’m tryin

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